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The PoleDucer

Item Number: TPD60
 Sale Price: $279.00

Total includes shipping...We developed the 60" shaft out of fiberglass utilizing a marine-grade resin for strength and longevity. The inside diameter allows for the transducer cable to be run inside the shaft eliminating the need to have the transducer cable secured somehow outside the shaft. This was part of the simple appearance we were looking for. The other components that complete the unit are your typical hardware components and then you have your typical D Size 2.25" RamMount to make up the PoleDucer. The fiberglass shaft along with the RamMount allow for the "break-away" ability thus not causing damage to the shaft or transducer if striking an underwater object. For those that have an electric-steer trolling motor like the xi3, xi5, Ulterra, Terrova or PowerDrive V2 The PoleDucer is simply another option to mount the transducer to instead of purchasing the cable guard system required from other companies to mount a transducer to those type trolling motors. The PoleDucer allows the angler direct control to point the transducer at any given target and not have their images skewed by the trolling motor turning left/right etc...That being said the PoleDucer is also a great option for any transducer and can be rotated in a 360-degree fashion to see all around your boat.

The RamMount is 3.25 lb. (which is dead weight when attached to the boat) and the PoleDucer is 5.25 lb.

Simple, Yet Effective, The PoleDucer

Patent Pending...

$249.00 plus $30.00 shipping due to the 60" shaft length size...Total $279.00

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